Shareholder Communications with the Board of Directors

Shareholders of Blue Capital Reinsurance Holdings Ltd. (the “Company”) as well as any other interested parties may communicate directly with the Company's Board of Directors by written notice or via the Information Request form.

All written notices should be sent to the following address with return receipt requested:

Attn: Chief Executive Officer
Blue Capital Reinsurance Holdings Ltd.
100 Pitts Bay Road
Pembroke, HM 08, Bermuda

Mailing Address
Suite No. 784
48 Par-la-ville Road
Hamilton HM 11

All inquiries and information requests will be handled in the first instance by the Chief Executive Officer. The correspondence will be evaluated by the Chief Executive Officer, who will forward a particular communication to the Board or the appropriate Board or Committee member(s) upon determining that it is made for a valid purpose and is relevant to the Company and its business. At each regularly-scheduled meeting of the Board, the Chief Executive Officer or his designee shall present a summary of all communications received since the last meeting that were not forwarded and upon request shall make such communications available to any or all of the directors.